by rockSatelite

All sources of sound signal, "Streaming" and reproduction of any audio, are property of "RADIONOMY" Boulevard International 55K 1070 Brussels, Belgium, and whose company is SER number 0892.300.624. The legal rights and authors of the online broadcasts: "rockSatelite-MadridONE" "AdagioRadio" "Mediterraneo-SMOOTHJAZZ" "GinTonicRadio" and "1mix Radio" are managed through the Belgian Society of Authors, "SABAM". The advertising included in these sound sources is also produced and managed by "Radionomy" through its advertising subsidiary outside Spanish territory and does not generate any economic right in favor of "elSonidoEnvolvente S.L.". The "rockSatelite(((MadridONE)))" "AdagioRadio"  "Mediterraneo-SMOOTHJAZZ"  "GinTonicRadio" "La Movida Radio and the multichanel "1mix Radio" broadcasts are designed   WITHOUT PROFIT.

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